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Product Information:

Basic Information Specifications
Item Description Details
Product name 96well square deep well plate 2.2ml  V bottom can be stored under subzero temperature to -80℃
Material PP Autoclavable at 121℃,20Psi, for 20 minutes. Great heating uniformity
Color clear Minimum residual liquid; low content of heavy metal

Use high quality imported PP material of high purity high stability, to ensure no chemical reactions with test  reagents. Compatible with DMSO, phenols, chloroform and etc, and inert to water

Tip shape round Certified DNase/RNase and Pyrogen Free
Packing Bags / boxes Could be used on automated machine
identifier Scale mark and micro point design for convenient preservation and tracking of samples
Standard SBS International Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop
Sterilization Optional
Filter Optional
Individual wrapping Optional Each package can be identified with an individual article number and batch number, facilitating the quality tracking


Surface Clean, no oil or other contaminants, and no release agent allowed.

Consistent of the surface texture, no defects, no bubbles,  no scratches


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